Collingrove Cup

Radelaide's National Race Oct 2nd to 3rd 2010 

It was a weekend fill with blue skies, cool breezes, freash air and the faint hint of blood and sprains all round, and to top it all off not one rider went home without a smile, the Collingrove Cup weekend was a great weekend in Radelaide indeed and this is it's story. 

In October SAGRA (South Australian Gravity Racing Association) held the first sanctioned gravity race in South Australia, it was an amazing weekend with allot of amazing riding and some huge crashes by just about everybody.

The track was like nothing any rider has ridden before, it was a hill climb track on its regular days, it had twists and turns in places that would seem ridicules to most, and not to mention the first ever zero G wall ride section, photos can never do this section justice, but it was an amazing section with riders coming off the wall and picking up amazing amounts of speed.

The top section was littered with switch backs and drop away blind corners making it one of the more technical courses that riders have ridden, then opening up to a couple of long sweeping turns followed by a tricky dip that pushed riders right just before a left hand wall ride bend, this threw riders down the rest of the track and lead them to the top of a blind crest, where if you got it wrong you were off the track and in the dirt, if that wasn't hard enough for you it then lead to the fastest part of the track, a nice long strait which looked amazing, except it offered no breaking just before you had the tightest of 90 degree turns you have ever taken at 80kph, this is the section that brought most riders unstuck and offered plenty of entertainment for the crowds.

Most of the riders agreed this has to be one of the most fun and technical hills in Australian competition today, the guys from SAGRA really did an amazing job putting on the event and went above and beyond for most of the riders over the weekend and for that we cannot thank them enough.

Least of all can we forget the volunteers, these are the people that make any of these events possible and without them none of these riders could truly compete and be as great as they are, so to all the volunteers that did and do their part at ALL national events we thank you.   


Below are the top results for each category.

Street Luge

1 - Nick Duffield
2 - DazTheCowboy
3 - Andrew Smith
4 - Simon Godfrey
5 - Phill Champion
6 - Adam sparks
7 - Lawrence Hepple
8 - Tyler Johnson

Classic Luge

1 - Lawrence Hepple
2 - Phill Champion
3 - Adam Sparks
4 - Simon Godfrey
5 - Ashley Stokes
6 - Harry Allwood
7 - Sue Wickenden
8 - Stacey Stokes
9 - Emily Parr
10 - Nick Duffield

Pro Downhill Skateboard

1 - Jackson Shapiera
2 - Luca Coleman
3 - Ben Hay
4 - Michael Bowditch
5 - Corey Leeson
6 - Cameron Kite
7 - Craig Bond
8 - Alex Martin
9 - Ashley Donaldson
10 - Dion Sternburg
11 - Leigh Griffiths
12 - Oliver Dowie
13 - Jeremy Rogers
14 - Brodie Pederson
15 - Lachlan Carey
16 - Jamie Angel

Novice Standup

1 - Tim Hills
2 - Bentley Anderson
3 - Lawrence Lombardi
4 - Geoffrey Templer
5 - Jonathon Weaver
6 - Ethan Lavis
7 - Ayden Aba
8 - Nick Frayne
9 - Nick Bart
10 - Angus Glidden
11 - Brandon Murphy
12 - Bob Campbell
13 - Bill Mansfield
14 - George Keldoulis
15 - Jonty Czuchwicki
16 - DNS

Gravity Bike

1 - Brett Philips
2 - Scott Moodie
3 - Dean Gallheger
4 - Adam Sparks
5 - Harry Allwood
6 - Squeek

Best Crash went to Cam Kite and most improved went to Danny Kim

see the footage from the weekend below.

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Footage and editing thanks to Nick Bart.