2011 Wrap Up

Beat the Bastard 2011 was a huge success, with around $12,000 raised for the Leukaemia Foundation. Lugers, Gravity Bikers and Stand-ups alike all got together to have an awesome time and raise some much needed funds for Leukaemia research.

It was great to see riders from all around Australia travel to this beautiful spot. Thanks especially to Ado and the Beat the Bastard crew of organisers, drivers, marshals and volunteers who gave up their valuable time to put on this fantastic event.

Thanks to Sturge Boards for donating a one of a kind Luge for the Auction. After Lance tried luge for the first time on the weekend, he was keen to buy one. Little did he know Tyler and a few others had conspired to buy it and sell it back to him for half the price with all money going to a good cause and many happy faces all round!

All of us here at the SL Network are looking forward to Beat the Bastard 2012!

Beat the Bastard 2011 was sponsored and supported by:
Cre8tive Sk8, Ismart, UHF Comms, Lamberts Fresh Produce, Sector9, Globe, Kennards Hire, Schweppes, ABC Towing, Tropical Waste Services, Key Motors, Oneliner, Campbells Wholesale, Coral Sea Containers and JHS Co.


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Visit www.beatthebastard.com.au for more photos and videos.

 If you have any cool footage from that you want to share on the SL Network, send it to tyler @ brisbanestreetluge.com.

Leah Bayin - Canberra Street Luge

We would also like to share with you a Blog from Andrew "Sakamoto" Smith.  This blog sums up the weekend perfectly.

BtB weekend fun.

Copied from http://sakamotosmith.blogspot.com/2011/05/btb-weekend-fun.html

"On the weekend just gone, I had one of the best weekends of my life: I spent three days in Townsville for the "Beat the Bastard" Charity Free Ride for Gravity Sports.

This is the third year the free ride has been held, which is staged to generate money to go towards Cancer Research.
This year, 55 of Australia's best gravity riders from the majority of main gravity disciplines attended. Gravity Bike, Streetluge, Classic Luge and Standup were represented, with two World Champions coming to play on Mt Stuart, one of the most challenging roads to ride in Australia.
Brett Phillips: ex-G-Bike World Champion.
Merrick Wildash: current Junior Standup World Champion.

"BtB" was conceptualised around a dining table, late one night, as a way of supporting the main organiser in his fight with Prostate Cancer. The idea was put forward with love and friendship in the hearts of those who were there that night, and that feeling of closeness has been perpetuated through every event. Those who form the actual "BtB" Organising Committee put in hundreds of hours of work to make sure that every rider who attendes this legal event has as many rides as he/she can handle over a two day period.

From 6am to 6pm, on the Saturday and Sunday, the Mt Stuart road is closed, and is transformed from a public access road into a Gravity Riders Disneyland. Laughter, disciplines riding with other disciplines, and genuine friendship and mateship make this very special weekend the weekend that it is, and to such an extent that every rider who leaves at the end of the event can't wait to get back the next time "BtB" comes round again.

I have been involved in Gravity Sports since early 1995, and have met many very amazing people over the years. However, this "BtB" event brought home how tight Gravity Riders are, and how unigue each individual person is.

Two months after the 2010 "BtB" I was diagnosed, and over the last few months my mobility has altered greatly. I walk with crutches now, with several limitations to my everyday life, as the illness progresses. But to the people I shared Mt Stuart with, my frustrations of needing help meant nothing, as they opened their hands and hearts to help me enjoy the hill with them, as an equal. I used to ride streetluge, and as things changed within me I've begun riding a G-Bike, and I'm loving it!!! To get into the back of the truck, all the riders would lift me onto the tray, and lift me down at the top of the hill, getting my bike for me, and riding beside me as we began our runs. One very special man, who's large in stature with an even bigger heart, would put his arms around me and just pick me up, and with the gentle words, "Hang on, my friend", he would lower me to the ground and made sure I was ready to roll. Regardless of discipline, everyone I had the pleasure to ride with was the same....not sorrow for me, but honest friendship and love.

Gravity Sports is not only a lifestyle for many of us, it is a definate passion. Every rider looks out for the other, and each joy when riding is quickly shared with other riders at the bottom of the hill you are riding. I rode with very close friends from Canberra, Berridale, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Some riders I met for the first time, old and young, male and female....but it made no differance, because we are part of the Gravity Family.

"BtB" is a totally unique gathering, with very, very special people. Male or female, regardless of discipline the individual rides, the riders at this event, along with the hardwork of an amazing organising crew, make it what it is......the core and truthfullness of what we do, enjoy and share...we are Family! "