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Nick Duffield showing us how its done in Townville at the Beat the Bastard Charity Free ride.  The event is on again this year and is coming up soon BE THERE!

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Home of Street Luge in Adelaide

Welcome to Adelaide,
Adelaide's very own Streetluge Website.

Our aim at is to make information about Street Luge more accessible to new and current riders with a focus on safety and professionalism.

Street luge is a gravity powered sport that involves laying down on a custom made sled with wheels. Similar to its counterpart seen in the Winter Olympics, these sleds are used on asphalt roads instead of specially designed ice tracks.

Riders can reach speeds anywhere from zero up to 157.41 kph (the current world speed record for a gravity powered vehicle).  On average though a rider will experience speeds between 70 and 110 kph depending on the hill.

When riding, all Street Luge pilots wear full protective gear including helmets, full racing grade leathers, gloves and boots. You will see some riders even wearing body armour and pads.

While being classified as an extreme sport Street Luge is relatively safe when done properly. We encourage all those who are interested in giving the sport a go to contact us below and learn how. 

Please feel free to scroll through the links above to learn more about the sport . 

Don't live in Adeliade?  No problem just hover over the 'home' tab above to find your closest Street Luge Club.

We love this sport and want you to see why.  We invite everyone to come out and join us on the hill! 



Photo of Nick Duffield 

NICK DUFFIELD world champion

Mobile: 0402 709 411 

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