"Ride Smart, Ride Safe, Be able to ride tomorrow" - Darren Lott.

Your first priority when participating in the sport of Street Luge should always be your Safety and the Safety of others. The Safety Gear shown in this site is considered by the Street Luge community to be Not Negotiable when riding. It is common practice within the Street Luge Community not to ride with persons who refuse to wear Safety Gear.


There are other options you should take your time to consider if you value your safety.


Back protection can save you from serious injury and is a very wise choice.


Another is ankle support, while breaking and cornering your ankles experience extreme pressures,
as a result muscle or bone damage could occur, to prevent this some riders wear ankle support
under there shoes and sock.

Below, you can see clearly how cornering and breaking occurs as demonstrated by
Team SSL's very own DazTheCowboy.


Please keep in mind all information on this page is purely a guide, "DO NOT" attempt to build or ride your own board, the boards and equipment shown here have been made by professionals and are at competition level, make sure you have the correct equipment and safety gear before attempting to ride any board.