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Welcome to, Canberra's very own Street Luge Club.

Here at we aim to:

- Promote the importance of safety and professionalism in the sport

- Provide relevant, up to date information and news about the sport

- Connect new and current riders in the 'Nation's Capital' and surrounding areas


We encourage anyone who is interested in the sport to contact us, we are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Leah Bayin and Simon Godfrey
CSL Administrators

canberrastreetluge @



May 2013

Newton's Nation 2013 is here!

Good luck to all of the riders racing this weekend at the one and only Mt. Panorama in Bathurst. Riders from all over the globe have made the pilgrimage to this glorious race track for the final Newton's Nation. Simon Godfrey is the sole representative from the ACT at this event; his 5th time racing at Bathurst - best of luck!

You can see all the action LIVE from Newtons Nation 2013 on the their You Tube Live Feed.

You need Adobe Flash Player inorder to view this video.


May 2013

Cherry Bomb Results

The 2013 season has kicked off with a bang with the BtS: Cherry Bomb.  The inaugural event brought together a Training Day with a Race Event for the first time ever.  Members of the public who had never tried the sport before were encouraged to register and 'pop their cherry' in the sport of Street Luge. 

Congratulations to Michael O'Keeffe and Simon Godfrey for their tidy racing and final results. Click here for photos and a full event wrap up.

April 2013

Cherry Bomb 2013

Local riders are gearing up for the anticipated Cherry Bomb Event. Bomb the Snowies presents Cherry Bomb, an event which includes coaching and racing in the sports of Street Luge, Classic Luge and Gravity Bikes over two days.

This is a Regional Championship race with place getters taking home points toward an Australian title. Cherry Bomb will be an Australian first combining coaching available to the public and professional racing at the same event. 

Michael O'Keeffe, a local Canberra rider, was featured in recent article by the Canberra Times.

Check it out here.

2012 Street Luge and Classic Luge Results

Street Luge Classic Luge

1st - Nic McKirdy
2nd - Lance Evans
3rd - Simon Godfrey
4th - Steve Knudsen

Full results...

1st - Nic McKirdy
2nd - Simon Godfrey
3rd - Adam Yates
4th - Brad Sterritt

Full results...

April 2012

Racing Time!

It's nearly racing time! Make sure you take the time to read the 2011 IGSA Rulebook making sure all of your equipment and safety gear meets the standards. Both IGSA World Cup events will be run under these rules.

If you have any questions about your equipment please don't hesitate to contact ASRA or the IGSA. The last thing you want is to spend all this money and turn up at the event only to find out your gear doesn't meet tech.

You can find a copy of the rulebook here.


April 2012

Mt Keira Downhill Challenge

Start line during practice Huge crowd at crash corner

Starting the first day with a damp and slippery track from early rain the Mount Keira Challenge lived up to its name from the start. The wet white lines made it hard for the riders to find traction at times, especially in 'Carnage Corner', which only took a few runs to gain its name.

Simon Godfrey

 Dave Thompson

Dave Miller

With the rain gone, the track conditions improved all weekend. The qualifying times were close amongst the riders in both runs but the drying track saw times slashed in day two's times. Racing was close and Dave Miller, Dave Thompson and Simon Godfrey were there to represent the ACT. In his second ever race, Dave Thompson (who became known as the guy riding the luge made out of a speed sign), set some great times and made it through to the finals. We wish those 3 riders, Chris Kobier and Henry King the best of luck at Newton's Nation this weekend.

Click on the links to check out the full street luge and classic luge qualifying times and results.

April 2012

It's nearly racing time! Make sure you take the time to read the 2011 IGSA Rulebook making sure all of your equipment and safety gear meets the standards. Both IGSA World Cup events will be run under these rules. 


If you have any questions about your equipment please don't hesitate to contact ASRA or the IGSA.  The last thing you want is to spend all this money and turn up at the event only to find out your gear doesn't meet tech.


You can find a copy of the rulebook here.

February 2012

Mt Keira Downhill Challenge & Newtons Nation

2012 is kicking off with a bang with the announcement of the Mt. Keira Downhill Challenge and Newtons Nation. Both are classed as World Cup events and will be the first two for the 2012 season. Organised by ASRA and sanctioned by the IGSA, these races will attract some amazing local and international riders.



Mt. Keira Downhill Challenge 20-22 April 2012

Staged in Wollongong NSW, the Mt. Keira track is 1.9kms of flowing corners. Topping out at around 80kph, this minimal braking course is a lot of fun and will make for some close racing.


Newtons Nation 27-29 April 2012

Attend an amazing event at Mt Panorama, Bathurst. Although it is a short course, it is fast and unlike anything you've ever ridden. Its immaculate surface is unrivalled in Australia.


For more information and to register for these great events click here.


January 2012

2011 Street Luge and Classic Luge Results

To help riders see and understand race results more effectively, the 'Event Wrap-ups' section will now include detailed race brackets and results from all legitimate events. This new addition has allowed us to develop a ranking system for gravity sports from a system used for decades in the surfing industry.
Endorsed by the SL Network, these rankings will serve as a guide for all riders to see where they sit nationally after attending legitimate events. Points have been allocated to all riders who raced in these events. These points have been collated to give the most accurate representation of Luge rankings in the country.

Click here for the 2011 event wrap ups


January 2012

Beat the Bastard 2012

It's time to Beat the Bastard! For the fourth straight year BTB will raise money to Beat the Bastard of cancer. Over the past 3 years they have raised $30,000 while providing the finest gravity event in Australia. 

Registration is only $100 for two days of free riding on a fantastic hill with great people. Rego opens on Saturday the 4th of February, spots fill fast so get in quick. Click here for more information or contact Adrian Alderson at Cre8ive Sk8 on 07 4775 4044.

Check out the official event video from BTB2011.

December 2012

Ode to the Absent

this hill, she is a calling
she whispers quietly my name
my friends begin arriving
blood races through my veins

stretching all our muscles
bodies twist from side to side
emphasis on focus
for this beast we're about to ride

warming up our wheels
to gain that extra grip
our speed begins to quicken
as the hill, we begin to rip

complete auxhillaration
blood pumping through my veins
heightening all my senses
my focus will not fein

suddenly it's all over
cheering from all my friends
and plenty of back slapping
c'mon on, lets go again

Written by Steve Knudsen and dedicated to the memory of Sue Wickenden.


"This morning we lost a much loved member of the Australian Luge community and beloved Luge Lady, Sue Wickenden, in a freak accident. Her zest for life, laughter and fun made a great impact on those who knew her. We will miss her deeply."

- Emmy Parr, Ladies of Luge

17th December 2011

May 2011

Beat the Bastard 2011

Beat the Bastard 2011 was a huge success, with around $12,000 raised for the Leukaemia Foundation. Lugers, Gravity Bikers and Stand-ups alike all got together to have an awesome time and raise some much needed funds for Leukaemia research. 

Read more about this story and check out this very special blog from Andy 'Sakamoto' Smith.

April 2011

Sydney Street has new Representatives


The SL Network welcomes Ken Doyle and Nic McKirdy as the new administrators of Sydney Street Luge. Daz the Cowboy decided step down as administrator recently. Daz has now joined the ranks of the SL Network ambassadors.

Nic McKirdy has been riding Luge for many years but has been involved with the motor racing scene for a lot longer; racing sidecars and autocross. Nic brings a great range of experience to the fold.

Ken Doyle is a Psychology major who works with troubled youth and is a Drugs and Alcohol counselor. Ken is new to the sport but displays an amazing passion for it.

We look forward to working closely with both Nic and Ken to further the sport of Street Luge.


The SL Network.

March 2011

SL Network Gallery

The SL Network Gallery has had a facelift!  Thank you for your patience during this time. Please enjoy the photos in a much more user friendly format here.  If you would like to add any photos please email me at tyler @ brisbane

March 2011

Congratulations Hank & Kay!!

Hank and Kay Smith from the Gold Coast are proud owners of an awesome prize pack worth over $550. Many thanks to our great friends at Creative Skate, PC Luge and High Roller Energy Drink.

The winning photo is a great shot of the BSL Banner outside a backpackers - exposing the SL Network to passers by for over a week!

November 2010

IGSA 2011 World Cup Circuit Announced

June 29 - July 3 Maryhill Festival of Speed, Goldendale, WA, USA
June 22-24 Kozakov Challenge, Kozakov, Czech Republic
July 29 - 31 Insul Cup 2011, Insul, Germany
August 5-7 Padova Grand Prix, Teolo, Italy
September 2-4 WinSport Canada Cup, Calgary, Canada
November 4-6 Hotel Los Portales Tarma, Tarma, Peru
November 11-13 Malarrara Pro Teutonia, Teutonia Brazil
November 25-27 Newton's Nation, Bathurst, Australia
December 9-11 Hot Heels Africa, Kogelberg, South Africa

For more information go head to the IGSA Website.

November 2010

Gravity Sport Events Ltd - 2011 Race Calendar Announced

The non-for-profit company Gravity Sport Events have announced their race calendar for 2011.  Events include the well established Beat the Bastard Charity Freeride, Collingrove Cup and first time events Bomb the Snowies and Cootha Gravity Games.

Event: Bomb the Snowies
Type of Event: Race
Location: Snowy Mountains, New South Wales
Date: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March 2011

Event: Beat the Bastard 2011
Type of Event: Free Ride raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation
Location: Townsville, Queensland
Date: Saturday, 14th and Sunday 15th May 2011

Event: Coot-tha Gravity Games
Type of Event: Race
Location: Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane, Queensland
Date: Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2011

Event: Collingrove Cup
Type of Event: Race
Location: Collingrove, Adelaide, South Australia
Date: Saturday, 1st and Sunday, 2nd October 2011 

2011 looks to be a fantastic year of racing for all Gravity Sports.  Stay tuned as more information comes to hand.  Tell your friends and GET INVOLVED.  



November 2010

Canberrans Registered for Newton's Nation

Whilst making up just over 1% of Australia's population, the Canberra riders are stepping up to represent the National Capital at Newton's Nation 2010.

Justin Chappe de Leonval, Simon Godfrey and Dave Miller are registered to ride Street Luge and Simon Godfrey, Dave Miller and Henry King are set to ride in the Classic Luge.

We wish all Canberra riders the best of luck!