there are three main types of street luge design

The original luge design was the "Drop Rail Luge" design

The rail style has a spine that runs underneath the pan on which the rider lies.
This spine often is referred to as a rail and provides extra strength and enables the user of a thinner and much more workable pan during the building process.

These are very rigid and strong luges however they do have their downsides in that the spine means that the luge sits slightly higher off the ground.


Pan Luge

The Pan style luge consists usually of a slightly thicker pan than the rail luge, This is because it must provide all of the strength and rigidity out of the pan alone.

The pan is commonly Aluminium that is around 5 to 6mm thick, however sometimes it is made from composite materials such as Carbon fibre, Fibre Glass, Kevlar or various types of timber.

Bolted or welded onto the pan, are the truck mounting heads, at either end of the luge. these sit higher than the pan, enabling a lower ride hieght for the rider.

These are a fairly simple but effective design if you are planning to build your own luge, they are also the most common luge use in competition today.


Perimeter Luge

Without Enclosed Fairing

With Enclosed Fairing

The Perimeter Luge is a luge design that was created by the Rogers Brothers and has been proven to be an extremely successful style of luge in competition.

It consists of a metal tube frame that surrounds the perimeter of the pan. the pan hangs within the centre of this perimeter and like the pan style luge, this enables the rider to get an extremely low ride height.

The perimeter extends both in front and at the rear to support the trucks, On most models there are several truck mounting holes to allow for riders to try diffrent wheel base lenghts and truck posititions.


Please keep in mind all information on this page is purely a guide, "DO NOT" attempt to build or ride your own board, the boards and equipment shown here have been made by professionals and are at competition level, make sure you have the correct equipment and safety gear before attempting to ride any board.