Here at Ladies of Luge our aim is to celebrate and encourage the participation of women, not only in streetluge, but all gravity disciplines; to bring all 'gravity girls' together for the cause of strength, unity, participation and all things 'girl power' within gravity sports.

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This morning we lost a much loved member of the Australian Luge community and beloved Luge Lady, Sue Wickenden, in a freak accident. Her zest for life, laughter and fun made a great impact on those that knew her. We will miss her deeply."

- Emmy Parr, Ladies of Luge

17th December 2011


Beat the Bastard 2011

Beat the Bastard 2011 was a huge success, with around $12, 000 raised for the Leukaemia Foundation. Lugers, Gravity Bikers and Stand-ups alike all got together to have an awesome time and raise some much needed funds for Leukaemia research.

Well done to Sue, Erica and Carina who all took part in this years event; proving once again that the Ladies of Luge are a group to watch out for. 

Read more about this story and check out this very special blog from Andy 'Sakamoto' Smith.

Ladies bomb Nerang, Queensland

We welcomed another two ladies into luge on Sunday at Nerang, Gold Coast, Queensland for the third Street Luge training day hosted by Gravity Sport Events and Brisbane Street Luge. Read more ... 

Melbourne Street Luge rep, TROY DAVIDSON injured in bike accident..

Our Friend over at Melbourne Street Luge was in a bike accident over the weekend that has resulted in him being hospitalised with broken ribs, a fractured skull as well as bleeding on the brain. Fresh from his classic luge win at Bomb the Snowies last month. Ladies of Luge send him the best and wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him on a hill soon.


Bomb the Snowies; get your snow on..

Ahhhh the call of the wild, sun on your face, icy alpine air and the abundant hills and roads that is the Australian Snowy Mountains; it doesn't get much better.

The 19th and 20th of March had all manor of gravity inclined people heading to the blow-away alpine town of Berridale for the first event of the Australian gravity calendar, Bomb the Snowies.......READ MORE

Winter's Coming Early; Bomb The Snowies Registration Opens..
Well its that time of the year Boys and Girls, after last years success of the Bomb the Snowies freeride, the organisers have gone and organised a KILLER of a race...

Thanks to the legendary Riffraff and his lovely wife Tammy (who's birthday the race was originally based around) the event will feature 120 riders from all over the country in Streetluge, Classic Luge, Standup, Inline and Gravity Bike. All proceeds go to a local memorial skatepark so GOOD KARMA ALL ROUND!!!

The Snowie Mountains, normally home to Australia's finest snowfields will play host to all things gravity on the 19th and 20th of March... not only this our super-sexret-sourses bring us whispers of awesome prizes and be sure to check out the site and registeryour interest as a rider or volenteer or simply 'save the date' and come see all the action.

As a side not to all those attending...BRING WARM CLOTHES!! despite being in early autumn the Snowies is netorious for fluctuating between the low 0's and the high 30's this time of year. so Ugg boots and sunscre


en all round!


Check out the Track

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Ladies of Luge Feature on Girl Riders

Over the holiday break, Ladies of Luge was featured on Girl Riders (GRO). There is a lovely little write up about the luge community, how the girls get involved and why we love the sport!

You can read a full copy of the story on the LOL site by clicking the link below, or visit the original story by going to and going to the second page of the news feed..HAPPY READING!

 Read More Posts Rietema's IGSA Write up

Our friends over at Skatergirl have been busy beavers, showing off the gravity side of skating. Here you can find Marcus Rietema's write up of the women's standup at Newtons Nation.

Be sure to check out his write up as well as the Skatergirl site...a must have addition for any skater, longboarder or luger wanting to be in the know with women in the sports.

Come out of your shell HURTLE turtle!!!

Ladies of Luge has been hearing whispers, whispers of a new Extreme sport E-zine known as HURTLE....this elusive publication recently posted an article on gravity sports; a little intro to all things gravity oriented, based around Gravity Bike HQ.

Aimed at all those interested in extreme sports from wake-boarding to base jumping, HURTLE is most definately preaching to the choir in terms of Gravity sports and those that would deem it 'AWESOME!' rather than 'idiodic'.

Sooooo lovelies, be sure to head on over to their site and check out the articles they have to offer....To check out the article on Gravity Sports head to and follow the links.

Newtons Or Bust!!!

Okay lads and ladies, THIS IS IT!!! The final week leading up to Newton's Nation over at the Big Bathurst..... and man are we excited!!!

With the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne crews starting to hit the road and the arrival of Buggy Rollin and the camera man himself Yvon La Barthe, in our lil country called Oz....We can tell that this Newtons is definately going to be of 'Over-the-Rainbow' proportions.

If your going to be at Newton's Nation makes sure you drop in and say hi to the lovely ladies....we'll be the ones in black with LADIES OF bright pink.

We have a few cheeky give-aways to hand out so get in early and you might score yourself something lovely to take home.

We will try to keep you updated over the coming week with pics and updates...pending the quality of McDonalds free wifi.

Until then lovelies ...NEWTONS OR BUST!!

  Ladies of Luge Feature In UK/Europian Magazine.

Thanks to UK and European based E-zine 'Womens Sport Report', Ladies of Luge have been able to expand its support base with a feature article.

Womens Sport Report features women in every sport from golf to skating to skiing and back again.

This feature gave a brief history of Street Luge and its rise and fall over the years. Most importantly it talked about the rising Street Luge population in Australia and the subsequent rise of Australian Women... AUSSIE AUSSIIE AUSSIE!!!

Be sure to check out the full write up, maybe send Womens Sport Report some feedback while you're there. A big shout out to Lady Leah for her beautiful pictures that went wth the article.

To read the full article click here


Overnight the IGSA announced the scedule for 2011.

The removal of Almabtrieb from the circuit has allowed for expansion in the America's; giving the continent four out of the nine events.

Australia's Newton's Nation is again featuring in the circuit, allowing the growing Australian Gravity population to easily take part in the circuit... read more


Oz Gravity Circuit 2011, BIGGEST EVER!!!

The 2011 Australian gravity circuit is set to be the biggest yet. Last night we received the announcement of the official launch of Gravity Sports Events Limited, the up and coming event organiser set to run at least four events over the coming year - the biggest being the Cootha Gravity Games. Held at the original site of the X-Games, Cootha stands to be one of, if not, the biggest events Australia has had in quite some time. Set at Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane, the buzz around it is already of heavy proportions, the gravity community poised for news and details.

Bomb the Snowies was held this year as a free ride, held in the normally-snow-resort area of Alpine NSW about an hour South of Canberra. 2011, however, will see it held as a legitimate event, a fantastic prospect for those that have ridden the alpine way.

For more details on the launch on Gravity Sports Events limited go to . . .



Event: Bomb the Snowies
Type of
Event: Race
Location: Snowy Mountains, New South Wales
Date: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March 2011

Event: BTB 2011
Type of Event: Free Ride raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation
Location: Townsville, Queensland
Date: Saturday, 14th and Sunday 15th May 2011

Event: Cootha Gravity Games
Type of Event: Race
Location: Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane, Queensland
Date: Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2011

Event: Collingrove Cup
Type of Event: Race
Location: Collingrove, Adelaide, South Australia
Date: Saturday, 1st and
Sunday, 2nd October 2011



Okay so for those that are already riding luge or are wanting to get into it, here is your chance to win a one of a kind PC Classic Luge.

This board is decked out and ready to ride complete with trucks and wheels. All you have to do is get the LOL logo or one of the SSL area logos shown in the most public place possible. Be creative, have you standing in the middle of Martin Place holding an LOL banner at lunch time or have a plane write it in the sky, paint it on your body and run down the main street in your city in your underwear and post it on youtube...just make it as public as possible.
We really don't care how you do it, but what we do know is, the bigger you think, the more chance you have to win!

Just save one of the SL logo's, like the LOL one to the right, and go from there...


...then send your photos or links to your video here with your details: name, location of photo/video and your address.

All photos/videos sent will be posted on our website and associated websites, so please do not submit anything you don't want the world to see.




Who doesn't LOVE chocolate? Well here's your chance to scoff your gob with creamy chocolatey goodness while soaking up the warm and fuzzies that come with knowing your doing some good.

Together with Cadbury we are hoping to raise enough money for Lil' Luge Lady Ashley Hall-Stokes to get some new skins in time for Newtons Nation. The count down has begun and we are aiming to get her riding ready.

If you want some delish chocolate or want to contibute to the cause, contact Stacey Hall-Stokes on 0417419485.



In the lead up to Newton's Nation, the IGSA event held at Mt Panorama, Bathurst - any and all practise is proving valuable. The Collingrove Cup's timing could not be more perfect; offering practise for both professional and novice classes of gravity sports.

The Barossa Valley is normally accustomed to romantic weekenders in search of boutique BnBs, vineyards and gourmet cheese. However, this incredible track set in the picturesque landscape of South Australia's wine country was set to be shaken up by our presence.... READ MORE


 Want to read more? Head to our news archive.